Randy Johnson

Little help from the Pickup Man Joe Patnode

Rural Life Photography

2014 should be another great year for shooting NPRA ,PRCA, and Jackpot Rodeos
But I usually start the year with Cattle Drives, Spring Branding, and Arlington Jack Pot Rodeo
With my interests being out of the arena as well as inside capturing special moments ,I don’t always shoot
every contestant, but if you would like me to focus on your performance notify me prior to the performance
and I will do my best.

2014 Brandings
X....Kayser,Sizemore,Keyes Branding. 1st week in April
X....Camerons Branding Centerville ???? about the same time.Sorry I could not make it to Ephrata.
I will post more shoots as I get invited.If You are branding or moving cows send me a message,I will try my best to make it.

Rodeo Schedule as of March 13, 2014
Rodeos marked with a X are the ones I plan on shooting

X.. Arlington Jackpot May 10 & 11

2013 NPRA Rodeos

..... Elma, WA March 21-23
..... Spray, OR May 24-25
X.... Roy, WA May 31 - June 1
X.. Bickelton OR June 14-15
.... Myrtle Creek, OR June 14-15
X.. Glenwood, WA June 14-15
X.. Tillamook, OR June 28-29
.... LaPine, OR July 5-6
.... Yoncalla, OR July ?
X... Vancouver, WA July 2-5....
.....Philomath, OR July 10-13
X....Grand Ronde July 19-20
.... The Dalles, OR July 16-19
.... St. Helens, OR July ?
.... Madras, OR July 26-27
X... Long Beach Wa July 26 - 27
.... Corvallis, OR July 31-Aug 2
X.. Condon, OR August 9- 10
X.. Goldendale WA August 20-24
.... Enumclaw, WA August 21-23
X.... Roy, WA Aug 30-31
.... Finals Sept 20-21

....PRCA Rodeos
X.. St Paul July 1- 5
X.. Pendleton Round-up Sept 10-13
.........................Thanks to The Competitor News and Valley Herald for this opportunity.
Rural Life
I Started Rural Life Photography in hopes of preserving images of the past and present country way of life.
I was raised in the country and have great respect and appreciation of the hard work of the Rancher,the Farmer and the Cowboy,and there life style is often reflected in my work.
Shooting the West
, Country Art.Cowboys ,Cow dogs,Native Americans. Old Cars, Old Barns,Tractors.Tractor Pulls,Rodeos,Rodeo clowns,Barrel Racing,Roping

Past Covers & Double trucks


    This was sent to me today 6/27/2012,should be out by July 9 This family Kelsey,Blake,Wade,Clint Endicott are some of my favorite Rodeo Families to shoot,the two Youngins are so photogenic.


    I Shot this Cover shot at Goldendale Rodeo Bible Camp 2011


    St.Paul Rodeo 4th of July 2012


    August 20, 2012


    My photos were used in Ned Kayser tribute that won in TCN Favorite Artwork category 2011.The Real work was done by Heidi Thomas and Sharee LaRue from The Competitor News


    March 19/2012 Cover TCN of Austin Hurt getting ready to ride.


    Page 1 The first time my photos were used in a publication. In The outstanding Tribute by The Competitor News ,along with Dave Davenport sharing his words about his friend Ned.“The Cows are out in Heaven”


    Page 2


    CN write up.


    Voted CN favorite Cover 2013 . This shot of Miss Collette Jochim after her Run in Barrels ,Vancouver 4th of July Rodeo 2013.


Rodeo 2014

Available in 8x12<br />
Ketchum Kalf 2013 (Team Ropers Jess Kayser and Cody Tobin)